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The Amazing Katie

NEW UPDATES(Dec, 2005)

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NEW UPDATES(Dec, 2005)
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   Well Katie continues to blossom more and more each day. School is doing great and she just loves it. She is so excited about Christmas this year I can't wait to see her the morning of. She sings xmas carols all day we don't even need to turn the radio on we have Katie. So yes maybe another career change now a SINGER? we shall see! Her and Ryan recently got to have breakfast with Santa "you would have thought they went to the Northpole". In other happenings we went to Childrens for follow up on the Achilles Tendon surgery and yes Katie will need to wear a brace on her leg and were okay with that. The surgery was a sucess her foot is now flat and she does not complain of pain like she did before surgery. The doctor says it may not be permanant we just need to give it time. She can walk well without a brace so of course she will get to wear dress shoes on special occasions.   
   Katie's therapies continue to go very well, with lots of good improvement notes and oh Mom "when did she learn how to do ?"(something new). She is a little version of me by that I mean there are two moms in this house(not just me). She bosses the boys to no end and I can't believe most of the time they listen. I am considering being junior mom and her senior. Well I need to go do xmas cookies with the children to keep the 12 days of xmas alive.
   I will update again soon and hope to get some new pictures up soon.Take care and have a wonderful Holiday Season. Bless you all and thank you for the love and kindness you share with my miracle daughter.Happy Holidays and wishing all a wonderful New Year!