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The Amazing Katie

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Hi my name is Kaitlyn I was born 9/15/98. When I was just six weeks old I started having seizures. Which was very scary for my family. At this young age I was Diagnosed with a very rare brain anomally called Hemimegalencephaly or HME for short.

My seizures seemed to be well controlled on medication until I was 4 years old. Then just before Christmas 2002 they hit my tiny body like lightning and got out of control. I started to have several grandmal seizures, and many myclonic jerks occuring  daily.  Before that I had only had 8 seizures since I began having them at the age of 6 weeks, and that was mostly because I was growing and my medication needed adjusted. My regular neurologist in Morgantown, WV told mommy and daddy it  was now time to see a neuro surgeon to see if I would be a candidate for surgery (Functional Hemispherectomy) (this surgery consists of disconnecting the bad side of the brain from the good). Because with HME typically medications quit controlling the seizures and there is a possibility you could start to have as many as 100's of seizures a day. She explained to mommy and daddy that she is at the end of what she can do. She has me on 4 medications and my body is having a hard time adjusting to that. I spend many days drugged up, unable to enjoy life, vomiting, or sleeping.So mommy and daddy  took me to Cleveland, Oh to see if I am a candidate for surgery, which I will have to under go several tests to find out if  I am a good candidate. I just know I won't like that. So this is the story  of my journey to have a more typical life and hopefully a seizure free life, please follow us along on this journey and please pray for me. 
     Please read my updates page for details on my appointments of how everything is going. 
  My mommy & daddy call me the amazing Katie because I have really amazed them in everything I do and I continue to do so everyday. When I was given this diagnosis the Doctors could not even tell my parents if I would talk or walk all they told them was to be optimistic! Well guess what I walk, run, climb oh and I jump too that scares mommy, because I love to jump on the couch . I have a vocabulary of  words that is amazing. I also attend preschool too and I love it! My teachers are the GREATEST! Before leaving please take the time to sign my guestbook so I know you visited. Also please don't forget to look at my photo page and my updates. Thank you for visiting and please stop back.


You are the sun you are the shine and you are our HERO you bring so many joys to our life and you will always do so! Don't  you ever give up! You have the courage to push your self to the limit! We love you!!!
                                                          We love you, Mom,Dad, and your Brothers Chris, Stephen and Ryan

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