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The Amazing Katie

Updates 2007
Updates 2007
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Update May 2007

     Katie is doing very well. She is now in first grade and continues to be you know the big "S" free. She does very well she continues to go to public school and is probably the most popular kid in her school. Her favorites things are school, Hannah Montana, singing and dancing. In school she currently spells her name, knows phone number, can match objects to where they belong, and is learning to use the computers, and many other things. She came home the other day where she did her school work by herself. WOO HOO! I am so very proud of her efforts and good work. She just amazes me. I will post a new picture tomorrow of her from last month you will be amazed at the changes. Katie still recieves PT,OT, and speech on a regular bases and has show how well therapy works. She talks fluently in sentences and loves to sing. Her left hand is still lose from all the therapy. She also still walks witha limp but we found out recently due to surgery her L Leg is 1/2 inch shorter so we will probably get her a heel lift in the future. For my Myrtle Beach Board veiwings who keep her in your prayers we are hoping to join you in June But due to finances from my illness last year we are unsure if we will make it again but Pray we can. Medical bills and other bills sure do add up when you are unable to work for a long time. At this time I am still recoving okay so far so just keep praying. I am still weak at times though. Oh last year we did manage to take them to Camden park, and Billy BoB'S in Huntington, WV then Stephen got to get all of the Marshalls football team to sign his football. We stayed for 3 days and had a great time the kids enjoyed that alot. I will try to update again soon oh I have a new email it is Hope to hear from you all. 

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