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The Amazing Katie

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My Medications

               List of previous medications and                           current medications:
PHENOBARBITAL 10/98 - 8/00
DEPAKENE 4/99 - 9/00 Taken off this because liver enzymes went too high.
KLONOPIN  9/00 - 7/03
CARBATROL 10/00- 8/17/05
LAMICTAL 12/01 - 3/03
KEPPRA 12/02- 5/05
                     Medication updates:
Update Feb. 2003
Klonopin, Carbatrol, Lamictal, and Keppra
I am such a BIG Girl I take them and dont give Mommy any trouble. The problem is it really makes me disoriented in the morning. I am very drugged up I vomit, can't hardly walk, sleep, vomit again and this usely last until about 12:30pm. Many days I cannot attend school or Mommy has to come and get me because I am so sick.  In the afternoon I have a couple hours I enjoy. But then about 4:30pm the seizure activity picks up and gets intense at times the jerks start then the eye's start to flutter. Most times too many to count. There are times when mommy has to give me diastat to stop the clustering.    
March 2003
    Since my hospital stay in Cleveland the doctor decided to only send me home on Keppra & Carbatrol, He seemed to feel all we were doing is increasing the side effects of the medications. But after just a few days home we started having troubles with seizures so Klonopin was added again as needed and Keppra was increased to 500mg twice aday.
March 26:
   The doctor has now put me back on Klonopin, it really seems to be helping. It has decreased the amount of Myclonic Jerks alot some days we may only seen one ot two, we ARE PRAYING IT CONTINUES TO WORK.
Oct. 2003
Katie came off Klonopin 7/26/03. She currently remains on Keppra 1000mg a day and Carbatrol 600mg a day. Hopefully the EEG in November will be good and she might get to wean down on some of the dosage.
Oct. 2005:
     Katie was taken totally off all meds as of 8/17/05 at this time she continues to do well. Please pray that those nasty things don't ever come back. 

I love the outdoors!

This my baby girl so drugged on meds 2 months before her hemispherectomy( @19 pills aday)