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The Amazing Katie


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We would like to thank an extra special group of children who are participating in my wish come true. They contacted The Make A wish foundation because they wanted to sponser a child from make a wish.  They are the Pied Piper Nursery School in our home county,  and they have been raising coins for Katie to have her special wish. These children have been working hard doing chores even saving their own money to drop in the wishing well. They have also made there own wish they wished for "Katie to get well". To all the children, teachers and parents involved with  the save a coin for make a wish, we truely appreciated all you have done you are an amazing group of loving people extending your hand to help another. We love you! Thank you Again.   

June - July 2003
      My mommy signed me up for Make A Wish. She thought I really deserved it after all I had been through. Mommy did'nt tell me she signed me up till they called and said I was accepted.
August -September 2003
     The process of my wish has begun. They will be sending volunteers from make a wish to my house to meet with me and my family. They called and scheduled to come out and meet with me but my brother was sick so mommy had to cancel the first meeting. In the mean while I will continue to think about what I will wish for.
     Make a wish calls and tells my mom that a local preschool would like to raise coins for a child from make a wish. They suggested my name to them since I live in the same county and I too am in preschool. Mommy agreed that would be ok. What a wonderful lesson for children to learn.
Oct. 2003
   I got to meet my make a wish volunteers they are two of the most beautiful people. I REALLY LOVED THEM! This is the greastest foundation ever made!  They talked with me and my family to find out my wish.  I made my wish I wished for a Princess bedroom.
     Make a wish called my mommy this month and told her the children at pied piper are working so hard in raising their coins for me. They want  to know if I will join them for a party. A party! Of course I love parties and I would love to meet these special children.
November 2003:
     Pied piper preschool held me 2 parties one on the 12 and the 13th. I had so much fun. They had the most beautiful Princess party for me. I danced as they sang songs for me. My mommy cried from excitement for me she said she has not seen me so happy in over a year because I was so sick before surgery. Since surgery I have been working hard on my recovery. I recieved many gifts that I will treasure always. I got tiaras, pricess jewels,princess clothes, my very own Belle, A treasured picture of the children, one of the parents built me a castle, one of the father's made me my own Princess throne and I even had my favorite snack mac n cheese with butterfly cookies.
Note from Mom,
     To see the look on Katie's face those days meant the world to me. I have not seen that natural of a smile and enjoyment in her in over a year. She was so sick before surgery that she hardly enjoyed life. After surgery Katie went through a period of depression, not being able to do alot of the physical things she used too.  But soon her determination took over and she was determined to work on the physical things.  I have no way of thanking you for the special things you have done for my sweet girl except to tell you thank you a thousand times for what you have done. You  have 
brought life back into her, given her friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime. No words ever could express that. I would really like for her to continue the friendship with the children they have touched our lives in an amazing way. Thank You.

Katie at her Princess party held by the children at The Pied Piper Preschool.

This page is still under construction my Mommy wants to make a wonderful page to thank The Make a Wish Foundation of Ohio, and The Pied Piper Nursery School.